Explore Cozumel, the largest island of the Mexican Caribbean

Located in the paradisiacal Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel Island is a destination internationally recognized for captivating travelers with its natural wealth, ancestral culture, and wide range of activities for all tastes, which is why it was recently named a Magical Town of Quintana Roo. From breathtaking dive sites to dream beaches and historic sites, Cozumel offers a truly unique experience.


Cozumel dive sites: discover a multicolored underwater world

Known as one of the world's top diving destinations, Cozumel attracts lovers of aquatic exploration with its vibrant coral reefs and incredible marine biodiversity. Whether you are an experienced diver or looking for your first underwater adventure, the island’s reefs will dazzle you with their colorful shapes. Cozumel diving is astounding, such as visiting its vertical walls as well as exploring caverns and passages; this island offers unparalleled opportunities to discover the secrets of the sea, as once did the famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who named Cozumel Island one of the five best places in the world to dive.


Cozumel beaches: the ideal destination for relaxation

Cozumel is a paradise for those who enjoy the sun and sea. Playa Azul, Playa Mía, and El Cielo are just some of the many options for warm waters and soft sands where you can relax. With activities for all tastes, the island offers various alternatives for diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand; the Cozumel beaches have everything you need to have a perfect vacation.

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Things to do in Cozumel

The things to do in Cozumel are varied and fun. The island offers exciting catamaran excursions, exploring cenotes, and enjoying exciting water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Walking around downtown Cozumel, you will find many choices of restaurants and handicraft stores. The incomparable beauty of the place makes important cruises in Cozumel take advantage of its incredible attractions for tourists to spend an unforgettable day.

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Discover the culture and history of Cozumel

Cozumel's history is linked to the pre-Hispanic culture. The archaeological site of San Gervasio is a testimony of this rich heritage. In pre-Hispanic times, it was an important pilgrimage center and a strategic place for trade. The destination offers a fascinating glimpse into its past and culture, from the Punta Sur lighthouse to the Cozumel Island Museum. Punta Sur is home to the largest nature reserve in the area and is the ideal spot for nature lovers.


How to get to Cozumel?

The island of Cozumel is approximately 40 minutes by ferry from Playa del Carmen, and you can board it from the maritime terminal of Playa del Carmen. On the other hand, Cozumel Airport is also an alternative way to get there.

The best Cozumel excursions and tours will amaze you, so prepare to live the trip of your dreams in this Caribbean jewel.